Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Profit during NFP news in 1second

hi all...
do you know NFP(non-farm employment change) announcement is the biggest event
every 1st Friday in each month??
Trading during this time is very risky because highly volatility.
But,actually you can absolutely get profit during this time..using the correct technic..
its simple...
choose the correct pair...usually the pair with USD such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD...
but i usually using EUR/USD pair(recommended pair)
Then,5minute before news your order...
not the execute/instant order....but the pending order.
Place both BUY STOP order and SELL STOP order.
Place your price 10pips from current price.
then,set the TP(target point/take profit) less than 8pt.
The less your TP,the low risk you take.
use only 60%from your money...dont more than this...but its up to you if you want
to put more..

just wait until the market move and close 1 of the position...
Lastly,cancel the other pending order which is not execute/touching.

Happy Trading in NFP news!!absolutely profit in 1second!

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hi all....
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